Czech Republic

Frontiers of Solitude: Video Teaser

Written by
Michal Kindernay

The interdisciplinary project Frontiers of Solitude focuses on contemporary transformations of the landscape and the close connections between our civilization and nature. These themes are elaborated in terms of the geography and morphology of the three specific areas of central and northern Europe. The project includes creative residencies and workshops in selected areas of the Czech Republic, Iceland and Norway. The aim of these residences and workshops is to explore long-term transformations of the land, as represented for example in the industrialized landscapes of northern Bohemia, changes in the ethnic profile of the population, and the loss of historical structures. The workshops around the town of Alta in northern Norway and the east coast of Iceland take place in areas where the effects and traces of industrialization have been felt, for the most part, only in recent decades.

The outcomes of the project, in which artists from the Czech Republic, Norway and Iceland will participate, will be presented at the beginning of 2016 at an exhibition at the Školská 28 Gallery in Prague. Documentation, new art works, interpretations and the results of workshops will be presented. An exhibition catalog will include documentary videos and sound recordings, texts on contemporary art, ecology and the environmental sciences.

The project is a joint initiative of the Školská 28 Gallery (Deai/setkání), the Atelier Nord and the Skaftfell Center for Visual Arts in Iceland, and is supported by grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.

Atelier Nord focuses on new media art, especially high-technology art, characterized by an experimental attitude in the means of production, distribution and presentation. Atelier Nord creates the conditions for producing and distributing new media art, and its dissemination, and operates something like Školská 28 and NoD, but within an international context.

The Skaftfell Center for Visual Art is founded alongside an international residency program for the creation of exhibitions, cultural and educational events, such as mapping local activities and initiatives in the field of contemporary art in relation to environmental activities. The Skaftfell Center is located in a natural and cultural environment, in which contemporary art is closely linked with the questions of threats to the environments, and to traditional values and ways of life. Creative residencies for visitors from abroad on the east coast of Iceland will be an opportunity for a deeper understanding of this specific cultural and social situation in which people in Iceland find themselves.

This project is supported by grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.