Linda Våge

Linda VågeLinda Våge is Office Manager at Atelier Nord. She has institutional background from Norwegian Association of Art Societies, Norwegian Concerts, Norwegian Refugee Council, Forum for Women and Development and from various fundraising campaigns, such as the annual NRK TV campaign. She has also worked as an independent consultant within public relations and cultural events.

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Kautokeino, photo: Alena Kotzmannová

Kautokeino, photo: Alena Kotzmannová

Living Through the Landscape

The Norwegian part of the project will encompass a 10-day expedition/workshop with artists from all three participating countries in the county of Finnmark in northern Norway from 20 to 30 September, 2015. The focus of the expedition will be on mining activity in the region and its effect on the local landscape. …

Marble Warble,  2016, 4:21, col, stereo. videostill

Marble Warble, 2016, 4:21, col, stereo. videostill

Ivar Smedstad

Ivar Smedstad is currently director of Atelier Nord, a media arts organization in Oslo. Ivar Smedstad has been working in video art and electronic media since the early 1980s and has participated in numerous international and national video art exhibitions, screenings and festivals. …