Czech Republic

Jiří Šlajsna, Mgr.

Jiří Šlajsna, Mgr., is a historian, author of articles on the history of Chomutov and Most, and an archeologist who works in the Most Regional Museum. His main areas of interest are the history of the regions Most, Chomutov, and Kadaň, the military, political and cultural history of Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, the year 1742 and 1813 in northwestern Bohemia, the marksman societies of northwest Bohemia since the late 18th century, and field fortifications in Bohemia from the 17th to 19th centuries.

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Libkovice village, foto: Michal Kindernay

Libkovice village, foto: Michal Kindernay

Into the Abyss of the Lignite Clouds

The focus of the expedition and workshops in the landscape around the Most Basin is on current changes in the heavily industrialized landscape, especially with regard to the loss of historical continuity, the transfers of geological layers and social structures, and current discussions about the abolition of territorial limits, as well as the potential for further degradation and exploitation of the landscape by extensive open cast mining. …