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JSD - Nourishing Brotherhood of the Holy Nurture

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miloš vojtěchovský

By occasion of the Frontiers of Solitude in Ustí nad Labem JSD and SGS will reveal a section of The Research Hydrobiological Laboratory, operating in the Universal Psychiatric Temple 316a (UPSYCH) institution. The archive of water samples collected mainly in the district of North Bohemia and The Ore Mountains - from rivers, creeks, paddles, and wetlands - clean and polluted will be displayed for public.

A brief Outline of the Activities of the Nourishing Brotherhood of the Holy Nurture (JSD) and General Staff of the Geist (SGS)

JSD was founded the night of January 12, 2001 with the goal to nurture and support by all means the Reason and the Cause – Mr. Miláček - The Young Holy, Greatest Artist and the Biggest Love and to nurture and evolvement of Holiness generally. To secure the operation of JSD there was gradually and naturally created an extensive and continually extending bureaucratic apparatus based on numerous executive sections, departments and committees.

The JSD’s Brotherhood life is peerless. Though peerless, it follows two aims:
1] Prosperity and happiness of Mr. Miláček – The Young Holy
2] Personal holiness in all forms, according to God’s wish: “Be holy, since I am holy!"

These two aims are followed in three ways:
I. Public
II. Private
III. Cooperative – Brotherhood

In these three ways it moves with four methods:
a) Cult
b) Preaching
c) Artistic
d) Working

Through a combination of all these methods and ways the twelve categories of the activities of JSD have emerged, for which Mr. Milacek – The Young Holy has constituted original graphic symbology.

Outline of the Activities for the benefit and to celebrate Mr. Miláček – The Young Holy:

Cult Methods: Annual celebration of the embodiment of Mr. Miláček. Ceremonial Fůl of devotion to the Young Holy. Ceremonial of telepathic connection with the Young Holy.
Making fire sacrifice and votive gifts to the Young Holy To Honour the Young Holy through Great glorifying rogation. Fecatistic ceremonials of the Adoration of the Anus of the Young Holy.

Preaching Methods: Preaching thoughts, words and deeds of Mr. Milacek through word and image. Organizing enlightening seminars and festivals. Enrollment of new collaborators, confidants and members of JSD.

Artistic methods: Reproduction and distribution of vestiges of visual activities of Mr. Milacek – Greatest Artist and The Young Holy. Building of and adoration of the chapels and temples of The Young Holy.

Working Methods: Involvement in the vařbuch and the Belly worshiping ceremonies of Mr. Milacek. Providing material supplies to The Young Holy. Saturating the intellectual and physical needs and appetences of Mr. Milacek. Protection of The Young Holy from the world and the world from him. Examination and wardship over The Hyga, CONT-YNER-CLUB, The Saint Art Terror, The Ultra Ethereal Light and other private religions of Mr. Milacek. Establishment and directorate of KUKL-KULT-KLAN, Milhaus-Plast and other seemingly independent organizations. Outline of the JSD activities for progress of personal and general holiness:

Cult Methods: Celebration of Great as well as small Puja. Celebration of the Day of St. Speeta – Sufferer and Virgin and others according to the JSD calendar. Annual relics of The Lord Lorence – self-murdered and other festive processions and parades. Annual Jubilee of the Day of the Struggle for Women through the Passion of Lord Kobra - Permanent Half – the Martyr of JSD. Purification of the planetary holes and other hygistic rituals. Sanctification and blessing of all kinds. Expanding the cult of of Ystryol Kylous – the Intergalactic Missionary.

Preaching Methods: Investigation, promotion and support of St. Old Hags and other religious fanatics.

Artistic methods: Building and decoration of chapels and shrines of various initiation.
Working Methods: Annual Pascha Regale. Building and operation of the Universal Psychiatric Temple 316a UPSYCH. Annual traditional killing of water animals and constitution of other new martyrs. Simony and production of new relics. Establishment of paxitic knight order of blessed Karel Habsburský {varices with golden vain).

Cooperation with the Prague commandature of ŠŠ Units [Jednotky Špružení Šmelcu], General Staff of the Geist, and others.

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Pavel Mrkus, The Fall, foto Aleš Loziak

Pavel Mrkus, The Fall, foto Aleš Loziak

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UPSYCH 316a, Kuřivody, fotoarchive,

UPSYCH 316a, Kuřivody, fotoarchive,

UPSYCH 316a, Kuřivody, foto MV, 2016

UPSYCH 316a, Kuřivody, foto MV, 2016

UPSYCH 316a, Kuřivody, foto MV, 2016

UPSYCH 316a, Kuřivody, foto MV, 2016