Czech Republic

Peter Cusack

Sonic Journalism and Places in Transformation
Sonic journalism asks the question, “What do we learn of places by hearing their sounds?” and is based on the idea that valuable information about places and events is revealed by the way they sound and that careful listening will give insights different from, but complimentary to, visual images and language. The talk will use examples from the lignite mining areas of North Bohemia and Germany to discuss the sonic consequences of the landscape transformations due to the major industrialisation of these areas.

Peter Cusack is a field recordist and musician with a special interest in environmental sound and acoustic ecology. His projects have included community arts, research into sound and our sense of place, and documentary recordings in areas of special sonic interest (Lake Bajkal, Aral Sea, the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the Caspian oil fields, or UK nuclear sites). The project Sounds From Dangerous Places explores soundscapes at the sites of major environmental damage. Cusack initiated the Favourite Sounds project in London 1998 with the aim of discovering what people find positive about their everyday sound environment. The project has since been established in Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Chicago, Prague and Birmingham. He lectures in Sound Arts and Design at the London College of Communication and was recently a DAAD artist in residence in Berlin.

Sound works

radio aporee ::: maps - Grevenbroich, Německo
radio aporee ::: maps - Málkov, Česká republika
radio aporee ::: maps - Horní Jiřetín, Česká republika

At Kopisty

At Kopisty