Czech Republic

Environmental workshop for Základní umělecká škola in Most

23 September 2015 to 24 September 2015

lector: Radek Mikuláš
assistance: Dagmar Šubrtová
teacher: Romana Pavlíčková

Workshop will be focused on the relationships between people and landscape in the post-industrial time. We will talk about how people shape landscape and pointing to the fact, that even seemingly destroyed landscape can quickly recover. Radek Mikuláš

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Radek Mikoláš, foto: Dagmar Šubrtová

Radek Mikoláš, foto: Dagmar Šubrtová

Radek Mikuláš, RNDr., DSc.

Radek Mikuláš, RNDr., DSc., is a geologist and author specializing in the biogenic formation of rocks, paleobiology, and geomorphology. In addition to the rocks of Greenland, Patagonia and Siberia, he has also studied archaeological artifacts of ancient Egypt. Mikuláš systematically examines not only stones and rocks, but also natural ice, urban plants, old factories, as well as visual arts in the landscape. …

Dagmar Šubrtová

Dagmar Šubrtová

Dagmar Šubrtová

The head coordinator of Frontiers of Solitude, sculptor and curator Dagmar Šubrtová lives and works in Kladno, where she is continually confronted with the environment of an industrial landscape. …